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Member ACA International
Action Professional Services is a BBB Accredited Collection Agencies in Sioux Falls, SD

Member ACA International
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Since 1983 Action Professional Services has epitomized ethics and professionalism in the commercial, consumer, and check collection field. We have always adhered to the philosophy that a hands on, personalized approach to collections fosters a relationship with "the quality of friendship and the professional etiquette it imposes." Our integrity is further proven by our membership in The American Collectors Association, Inc. and the fact that we are bonded and insured. Our longevity has afforded us expertise in a wide variety of industries, so you can be assured that our collectors understand and are sensitive to the nuances of your business. While our office is located in South Dakota, our vast experience makes us your global partner in the collection process.

From our owner and field representatives, to our knowledgeable collectors, our goal at APS is to treat your claim with the level of professionalism to which you're accustomed. This, in concert with our copious experience allows APS to provide you with all the tools for successful collections:

Trust, Timeliness, Personal Attention and Results.

APS Affiliations

Introducing 15%
Medical/ Dental/ Retail/
Professional/ Utilities/ Credit Card

Commercial-Agribusiness Rates

How We Handle Your Accounts

Our account-handling procedure is to try to obtain payment in full, make payment arrangements, or search for assets and file small claims court to obtain judgment.

  • Acknowledged & personal demand within first 24 hours
  • Extensive skip tracing
  • Fair debt-collection practices compliance
  • Verbal reports available on request
  • No settlement accepted without authorization
  • No legal action taken without written authorization

Anticipated Recovery Rates

National credit recovery norms are:

  • 17 - 19% for large agencies
  • 18 - 20% for mid-sized agencies
  • 26% for small agencies
Warning Signs Recommended Solutions Age
Customer submits an inadequate or confusing application. Less than (3) years in business. Don't be afraid to ask for additional information. Ask for a personal guarantee.  
Customer breaks terms or makes partial remittance. Breaks first promise. Suddenly disputes your service or merchandise. Initial demand letter. Depending on balance, have APS do an asset & liability search. 30 Days
Breaks second promise. Ignores phone calls and initial demand letter. Phone disconnected. Send final demand letter. Make final call. Request APS to do a skip trace search. 60 Days
No response from demand letter. Place account with APS at our contingency rates. 79 Days

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"No Business Too Large or Small"
"Our Bottom Line Is Professional Service"

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Action Professional Services
408 South 2nd Ave Suite 202
P.O. Box 675
Sioux Falls, SD 57101-0675
Phone: (605) 335-3090
Fax: (605) 339-0739
Toll Free: 800-207-4294
Email: rraff@actioncollectionagency.com
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